Bathroom wall heaters electric - Quartz tube heaters


Bathroom wall heaters electric - Quartz tube heaters

Bathroom Wall Heaters Electric

bathroom wall heaters electric

    bathroom wall
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Bathroom after - register

Bathroom after - register

This is one of my favorite things about the new bathroom and it's one of the three things that was originally there and came back in (the wall heater and toilet are the other two). The original heating registers in the house all look like this but are painted to match the walls (this was pink to match the surrounding tile). When Dave took the heater in to be rechromed, he decided to get this chromed at the same time. I love it - it looks more General Motors than General Electric. Makes me wish it wasn't cost prohibitive to chrome all the other registers in the house.

Bathroom 19

Bathroom 19

As well as superfluous pipe work I have found various dead electrical cables hidden away. The long one on the right by the radiator pipes is quite a meaty one. Maybe it was for a heater or electric shower. There is also a little one poking out of the wall.

bathroom wall heaters electric

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